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A friend posted on FB what happened in Alainas M+G at Torcon. I thought it was a cute little story to share:

Oh!! And the best part!! Both Misha and Jensen totally crashed this m&g for a few seconds! We were sitting there talking to Alaina when the door opened and Misha came strolling in. He made fun of her for being boring in her m&g Lol Then the door opened wider and Jensen was standing there! He grabbed Misha around the neck and dragged him out of the room … then he came back by himself to say goodbye to Alaina It was so totally awesome!!

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1. Roll out the red carpet
2. Bring in the car (the real one)
3. Get the room ready
4. Throw some food together
5. Bake a (motherf***ing awesome) cake
6. A few speeches
7. A photo op or two

That, folks, is how you throw a Supernatural 200th Episode Party!

Photos courtesy of the Pacific Rim Hotel (the venue) on Facebook. (where you’ll find more photos!)

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GISHWHES Merchandise for Sale!

It’s been almost 2 years since I was able to leave my family and work on starting a better life for Emma and I, and I’ve finally reached a point where I’m able to get our first apartment. Yay! The only problem is that after paying rent + a deposit, I won’t have any extra money to buy furniture, so I’m hoping to earn enough to buy at least a cheap couch and some pots & pans by selling off my GISHWHES merch. 

I’ve listed an autographed 2012 coffee table book, a 2011 coffee table book, an autographed 2012 flag, an autographed 2012 t-shirt (size large), and 3 calendars. All of these are gone from the GISHWHES store forever so this is a really good chance to snag something if you weren’t able to before!

I apologize for the photo quality - I don’t have a computer at the moment so I’m using my phone. Please let me know if you have any questions! Any reblogs would be super appreciated. Thanks! :D

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I’m giving away some swag from GISHWHES 2013; items include the dessert cookbook, a headband, phone case, bumper sticker, and of course a GISHWHES flag signed by the illustrious Mr. Misha Collins.

the rules are as follows:

  • must be following me
  • reblogs only; likes don’t count
  • no contest blogs
  • giveaway will end on November 1st at 10:30pm EST
  • winner will be selected with a random number generator
  • winner’s askbox must be open; once contacted they will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen
  • winner can live anywhere in the world!

have fun!

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This makes me emotional.

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Misha’s failed attempts in russian :3

"The premier—TV show. No! TV show on the 8th— TV—TV show. Ehm…"

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Black Teen With White Parents Mistaken For Burglar, Assaulted By Cops In His Own Home

‘Put your hands on the door, I was like, ‘For what? This is my house.’ Police pointed at photos of white people hanging on the wall and told him that he was lying.

A North Carolina teen was recently assaulted and pepper sprayed by police in his own home, after he was mistaken for a burglar.  18-year-old DeShawn Currie has been living with foster parents Ricky and Stacy Tyler in Wake County, North Carolina for about a year.

The Tylers love DeShawn as their own son and they have taken him into their home, in hopes to provide him the safe and loving environment that he needs to thrive in the most important years of his life.

Unfortunately, some of the Tyler’s neighbors were not familiar with the family dynamics of the home, and decided to call the police to report a burglary when they saw the young man entering his home after school one day.  DeShawn did not climb through a window or struggle to get inside, but simply walked through the unlocked door of the home.  The only thing that actually made his neighbors suspicious, was the color of his skin.

When police arrived on the scene they treated DeShawn like a criminal without asking any questions.

“They was like, ‘Put your hands on the door, I was like, ‘For what? This is my house.’ I was like, ‘Why are y’all in here?” DeShawn said in an interview.

When DeShawn asked the officers why they were in his home, they pointed at photos of white people hanging on the wall and told him that he was lying.

“I’m feeling comfortable, I had moved into my room, and I’m feeling like I’m loved. And then when they come in and they just profile me and say that I’m not who I am. And that I do not stay here because there was white kids on the wall, that really made me mad,” DeShawn later told reporters.

During the entire altercation, police were shouting profanity at the young man, and pointing multiple guns at his face.  When DeShawn stood firm and insisted that he was in fact in his own home, police attacked him with pepper spray.

When Stacy Tyler came home from work she saw her son DeShawn in the driveway being treated by paramedics for the injuries that police had inflicted.

“My 5-year-old last night, she looked at me and said, ‘Mama I don’t understand why they hated our brother, and they had to come in and hurt him,” Stay Tyler told reporters.

“Everything that we’ve worked so hard for in the past years was stripped away yesterday in just a matter of moments,” father Ricky Tyler added.

The police department has defended their actions, saying that that DeShawn did not obey the officer’s orders to the letter, despite the fact that they were intruders in his home and had no right to be there barking orders at him.

Now this is something to bring attention to.


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Misha Collins and (Master) Osric Chau hit the water for the Random Acts 2014 E4K, Sunday 19 October. Herewith a wee vid courtesy of Osric.

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Misha Collins on the red carpet at the Supernatural 200th episode celebrations, 18 October, Vancouver, BC. Photos: Andrew Chin.

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Misha Collins on the red carpet at the Supernatural 200th Episode celebrations. Photo: Phillip Chin.

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I have found the official flag of the fandom

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It seems Cas gets a tie again… I could cry.

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Misha + talking about his childhood

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#E4K. October 18-19. Are you ready to endure4kindness?

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